•  Experience rich audio and 2D/3D visuals with seamless interactivity
  •  Built on the Apple iOS Software Development Kit
  •  Compliant with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  •  Responsive design to fit all iPads
  •  Bug reporting tool
  •  Critical app updates
  •  Deployed into the Apple App Store
  •  Password protectable before fully accessing the App (optional)
  •  99% offline capable (subject to module requirements)

Compatible Devices

  •  12.9 inch iPad Pro
  •  10.5 inch iPad Pro
  •  9.7 inch iPad
  •  7.9 inch iPad Mini

Devices require native iOS 9.3.5 or above

Future Hardware Support

We have future plans to expand our products and services across other devices and platforms; however, this also depends on the complexity of the project. Some apps realistically do not function well on smaller devices, hence we opted initial development on tablets then work on resolving scalability.

Tech Demo

Proven in Production

build</a>App is constantly being improved to meet client needs and also for the future.
Sandbox has been used by dozens of organisations to solve various business scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to build me a Sandbox?

It is important to scope the project to provide realistic timelines and expectations. Therefore, the timeframe and complexity of every project is unique and every client to us is special. Based on past projects, the turn over is usually between 2 – 6 months.

My Sandbox is having problems, how do I get help?

Your App has a built-in technical support to report your problem (internet access required). If your App is completely inaccessible, please contact us on techsupport@digitaldidacts.com.au with the following information:

  • App Name: (e.g.
  • Your Device: (e.g. 12.9 inch iPad Pro)
  • Your Device Software: (e.g. iOS 12)
  • The Problem: (e.g. Button “x” on home page causes App to not respond and crashes.)

Will my Sandbox be compatible with other platforms? (Android, Microsoft, Blackberry, etc?)

Sandbox and build</a>App is currently only compatible on all iPad’s sizes running native iOS9.3.5 and above. We aim to expand our products and services in Apple’s ecosystem, for as long as there is an expression of interest. If you are interested in having your App build on an iPhone, please let us know.

Can Sandbox be developed in multiple languages?

Yes, a module can be implemented to switch languages on the go. The module is flexible if you choose to provide specific information to your target markets (e.g. Information A goes to Country A, Information B goes to Country A and B, etc).

Do you sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)?

Yes, if you are concerned about your ideas being compromised, we can sign a form with you at the beginning of our initial meeting.

Can I make money with my Sandbox?

Yes. We can assist you in researching the best business model for your app. Most popular methods are and not limited to:

  • Users purchasing in-app items for premium features.
  • Timed subscription to use the app after a trial session; such as monthly, yearly, etc.
  • Ads running on your app; such as popups, videos, running on the side of the screen, etc.


Do I need to prepare anything for our first meeting?

To receive the solid feedback and quote, it will be important to provide us a detailed brief, outlining:

  • Your idea
  • List of features
  • Your target market
  • Basic sketches (computer generated or hand drawing)
  • Other apps you saw that inspired you (if applicable)
  • Launch date

If you have trouble articulating your idea, get in touch with us for a free 30-minute consultation.

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Why Digital Didacts?Top 3 Reasons:

1. Progressive Team

Combining our teams positive attitude in working with our clients; and our proven project methodologies, your App will steer well on track from start to finish.

2. Feasibility Studies

When you share your ideas with us, sometimes an App may not be the best option. Therefore, we may offer you alternative solutions to meet your business objectives that we also offer. We work with our clients for long term strategic planning and execution.

3. Tech Savvy

Being up to date with the latest hardware and providing a helping hand to support legacy devices is our philosophy. Therefore, we use the latest softwares to ensure maximum saturation of devices supportable.